Sharing the View: Wonderlands

Sharing the View: Wonderlands

My favorite conversations with Preserve landowners often start with something like, “I wonder what’s special about my Openlands?”  My reply invariably is, “Let’s find out together!”  A walk through the Openlands anywhere on the Preserve is an opportunity to discover something that surprises and delights.

The Openlands are the Wonderlands of The Preserve.

These protected portions of each residential lot are seamlessly linked to other Openlands, adding up to over 8,000 acres of scenic and splendid natural lands.  Every owner’s Openlands is unique and home to a trove of diverse and often exceptional plants and animals, and some even include cultural sites reflecting the rich history of the region.  Iconic heritage oaks, diminutive saw-whet owls, fragile tiger lilies, stately redwoods and a thousand other species grace our Openlands.

Conservancy staff love to hear about the special features that connect Preserve owners to their land.  We are delighted when members share images and stories of family and friends enjoying wildlife sightings, sunsets, spring wildflowers and fall colors. Calling with questions is also always greeted with appreciation, whether to identify a creature, get the latest intel on weeds, or get help with an issue. The Conservancy team is always here to offer guidance, support and encouragement.

In this third issue of the Conservancy’s newsletter, we hope you will enjoy stories of Preserve members sharing the wonder of their Openlands and celebrating our mutual connection to nature and community partnerships. Whether through protecting tiny oak saplings, setting out hidden cameras to better understand our wild neighbors, or using cattle to restore habitat, together we are helping sustain the natural assets and unique character of this vibrant conservation community.