Conservancy News | December 2020

The Conservancy is pleased to share its fourth and final newsletter of 2020! In this issue, we feature updates about fuel management on The Preserve, highlights from our stewardship programs, and a joint letter from our new Executive Director, Jamison Watts, and our Deputy Director, Christy Wyckoff. Click here to read the full newsletter!

Roads of The Preserve: More than Meets the Eye

Driving on The Preserve is part of the experience of conservation living, whether you get behind the wheel for the joy of the drive or simply to travel from one place to the next. This paved element of the landscape was quite literally designed from the ground up with roads that enhance the cadence of the community and encourage a [...]

Demystifying Fuel Management on The Santa Lucia Preserve

No doubt, there is a learning curve to the rural lifestyle of The Preserve. This conservation experiment has many mechanisms built in to foster deeper appreciation and thoughtful care of the land. Fuel Management is one of the more bewildering topics, for many reasons. First, no one would deny that wildfire is scary; it is powerful and destructive, but with [...]