The Conservancy Welcomes New Board Members, Thanks Outgoing Members

Photo by Adam White June 30, 2021 By Alix Soliman, Communications & Outreach Coordinator The Santa Lucia Conservancy Board of Trustees convened earlier this month to bid farewell to distinguished members Ron Eastman, Jeff Langholz, Sue Sirkus, and Terry Watt, who provided tremendous direction and vision to the organization’s mission to steward The Preserve’s natural landscape for the benefit of [...]

The Plight of the Nomadic Tricolored Blackbird and its Life on The Preserve

Photo by Dr. Christy Wyckoff. A male tricolored blackbird perched in tall grasses. June 24, 2021 By Alicia Khuon, Field Technician They “darken the sky for some distance with their masses” wrote an observer in 1853 about tricolored blackbirds (Agelaius tricolor). Unfortunately, this is no longer true. The tricolored blackbird has been listed as threatened under the California Endangered Species [...]

Wildfire Resilience and Our New Fuel Management Plan Initiative

Lindsay Cope and Jenna Allred hold a fire hose at a fire safety training for Conservancy staff. June 17, 2021 By Alix Soliman, Communications & Outreach Coordinator Learning how to live with wildfire is one of the great challenges of our era and region. We must begin by accepting the fact that fire is an integral part of our ecosystem’s [...]