Conservancy Newsletter September 2021

Teri G. submitted this black bear photo to the Conservancy on behalf of Bruce Dormody. It was spotted at neighboring San Clemente Rancho. There was another sighting along Rancho San Carlos Road. While we’re having a much quieter bear season compared to last year (when bears were getting into trash cans and gardens), it is important to be mindful that late summer is the most likely time to see bears on The Preserve as they come down from the high country to find water and the last of the season’s berries. Please keep your trash cans secured in locked, wildlife-proof structures. Even on collection days, bins should remain in your storage area for Waste Management to access on their own. Bears are curious foragers that will walk miles to follow strong odors such as BBQ leftovers and ripe fruit in your garden. Sadly, a fed bear is a dead bear, as the saying goes. Once they associate your home with food, it is difficult for them to unlearn this behavior and it may escalate. If you need a secured, wildlife-friendly enclosure for your trash bins, please contact the Design and Board at the Santa Lucia Preserve at

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