August 2022 Newsletter

August 2022 Newsletter

Dr. Brian Woodward presents on current scientific collaborations at The Santa Lucia Preserve. Photo by Alix Soliman.

August 31, 2022

By Jamison Watts, Executive Director

When the Partnership purchased The Preserve (formally Rancho San Carlos) in 1990, they scrapped the conventional land development model of carving larger properties into smaller saleable parcels for the novel idea of keeping the Preserve intact as one vibrant landscape. Not only that, but they wanted to keep it that way forever. For this to work there would need to be a community of like-minded individuals who would care for the land in meaningful ways and a special type of organization that would work in close partnership with that community to provide certainty and permanence. 

Twenty-seven years later, the 20,000-acre Preserve–with its diverse wildlife, breathtaking views, and rich cultural heritage–has been made possible due to the dedicated community of residents, members, entities, and agency partners who live and work here. An integral part of that community, the Conservancy works diligently to protect, restore and enhance the natural, cultural and aesthetic resources of this special place ensuring it continues as a healthy, sustainable, ecosystem for generations to come. 

During this time of unprecedented change, I am comforted knowing that together we are helping define and demonstrate what it means to live in harmony with the land as a conservation community. 

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