September 2022 Newsletter

September 2022 Newsletter

A rainbow forms over The Preserve after the first rains of the season. Photo by Andrew Evans.

September 30, 2022

By Jamison Watts, Executive Director

In the business of life, it’s all too easy to lose sight of the simple pleasures—those exquisite experiences that are often right in front of us if only we are paying attention. For those of us who live and work on the Central Coast, witnessing nature’s timeless dance is one of those simple pleasures that’s right out our back door.

After months of protecting themselves from drought, coastal redwoods are opening the specialized pores in their needles to absorb the fog and rain again. Tarantulas have begun their annual mating march, with the males emerging from their burrows to find receptive females. Mule deer are going into rut, sparring with one another to compete for does. Invasive wild pigs are foraging for fresh shoots and insects in the soil before heading east for winter, damaging landscaping, lawns, and gardens as they go (guidance on mitigating wild pig damage can be found here). Black bears have entered a period called hyperphagia, when they undergo physiological changes that force them into consumption overdrive to prepare for winter (guidance on keeping black bears from getting into your trash can be found here).

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