Member Events

Member Events

Throughout the year, the Santa Lucia Conservancy hosts events for members and landowners of the Santa Lucia Preserve. From informative lectures to hands on restoration and naturalist led hikes, the Conservancy offers events that cater to the broad interests of our conservation community. Event details and registration available on The Preserve’s event calendar.

Winter 2019


January 12th: In the Footsteps of Wildlife

Learn how to find clues left by wildlife on the trails on this Conservancy Saunter!

January 20th: Starry Night and Lunar Eclipse

Join the Conservancy for a night hike to enjoy the Supermoon and full Lunar Eclipse!


February 1st: Frog Song Night

Can you hear them calling? Join Dr. Christy for an evening adventure to observe and learn about our beloved amphibian friends!


February 7th: Living with Coyotes

Join the Conservancy and our special guests from Project Coyote for this Hacienda Talk to learn about the important role that coyotes play in maintaining a balanced ecosystem and how to avoid undesirable encounters with this playful canine. 

February 8th: Living with Coyotes Field Workshop

RSVP on The Preserve calendar to reserve your place to join the Conservancy staff and Project Coyote for a field workshop to learn how to manage coyote encounters. These playful canines can occasionally become too comfortable around humans; learn techniques to restore the coyote’s natural reclusive behavior. 

February 15th: Extreme Gardening: French Broom

Jenna Allred will lead a field restoration day targeting French broom. Come help restore our special coastal prairies and battle the invasion of French broom.

TBD: Advice from a Weed Guru

Concerned about weeds? We have invited a weed expert to share strategies for culling the invasion of invasive non-native plants around The Preserve.


March 21st: Tales from the Tree Whisperer

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to climb to the top of a redwood tree? Our guest, renowned redwood researcher Steve Sillett will share tales from the canopy.

March 22nd: Saunter to the Redwoods

Watch arborist Steve Sillett and his team from Humboldt State University studying the ancient trees of our beloved Arroyo Sequoia neighborhood. Participants will see the team climbing the redwoods to collect measurements and samples to better understand a grove that Professor Sillett shared is “very special as an eastern outlier so far south in the range.”

March 23: California Wildlife Day

Palo Corona Regional Park will be hosting the second annual California Wildlife Day from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. This will be an educational and interactive event with live wildlife demonstrations, nature walks, presentations about local plants and animals, and more! Learn more about the event here.

March 30: Rewildling the Green: Restoring Native Plant Communities to Enhance Fish and Wildlife Habitat

Enjoy a rewarding field day planting trees and removing invasive plants at the new Palo Corona Regional Park (formerly the Rancho Canada Golf Club).

Location: Palo Corona Regional Park and Discovery Center (4860 Carmel Valley Rd.)

Time: 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

Please RSVP to

Spring 2019


April 5th: SOD 10-Year Update

Has it really been a decade since we started tracking Sudden Oak Death on The Preserve? Join us for an opportunity to learn about what SOD means for The Preserve and how you can help protect our beloved oak trees.

April 6-7th: SOD Blitz

Take a hike with a purpose! Join in our annual citizen science event, the Sudden Oak Death (SOD) Blitz.  Dr. Christy will assign transects and give instructions for this self-guided saunter.

April 19th: Preserve Wildflower Quest

Don’t miss the chance to learn from wildflower expert Rod Yeager! Learn how to identify the many colorful wildflowers of spring!

April 22nd: Get Some Earth on  Your Hands

This Earth Day do some good and join the Conservancy for some restoration planting.


May 11th: Bird in the Hand

Help Dr. Christy with her annual bird banding research, a perk of participating is releasing a bird after logging the data. Such a thrill!

May 22nd: Got Grass?

Grass enthusiast Devii Rao will lead a tour of our grasslands with Conservancy Grassland Ecologist, Rodrigo Sierra Corona. Learn more about the vibrant biodiversity of the grasslands.

May 23rd: Conservation Ranching

Rodrigo will be discussing the Conservancy Conservation Grazing Program and how the cattle help us manage the rugged Santa Lucia landscape.


June 21st: Sunshine, Seining and Salamanders

Join Dr. Christy as she wades into the pond for a seining survey, she will be using a dip net to collect samples from our ponds. This is a great chance to see frogs, salamanders, and water bugs!

Summer 2019


July 12th: Extreme Gardening: Yellow starthistle

Jenna Allred will lead the crusade against this nasty invasive. Yellow starthistle is an aggressive invader, come learn how to identify this (and other thistles) and learn the best methods for quelling its invasion.


August 29th: Wild Preserve

Dr. Christy will share exciting stories and facts about The Preserve’s wild residents.


September 21st: Raptors of The Preserve

Join Dr. Christy for a raptor transect, a point survey around The Preserve to tally birds of prey. Bring your binoculars and be ready to look up and listen.

September 26th: Acorn Harvest Celebration

Linda Yamane, Rumsien Ohlone Elder and Conservancy friend, will come share her handmade traditional Rumsien crafts and discuss the importance of acorns to the indigenous populations that once lived here.

Fall 2019


October 14th: Preserving California’s Heritage

Join Executive Director, Christy Fischer, to learn about the treasures within the Openlands and what you can do to improve these natural spaces.

October 30th: Creatures of the Night: Nocturnal Walk

This spooky night adventure will celebrate our nocturnal neighbors, especially bats! We will be using sonar detection devices to help locate and observe these night fliers!


November 15th: Steelhead Trout Quest

Many creeks on The Preserve are spawning habitat for steelhead trout. Join Christy Fischer to look for steelhead, learn about their life-cycle, and how ecological conditions help or hinder these anadromous fish.


December 27th: Annual Audubon Christmas Bird Count