Forests of the Preserve

Forests of the Preserve

Over half of The Preserve is blanketed by a mosaic of woodlands. The sheltered valleys and north facing hillsides host wide spreading canopies of evergreen Coast Live Oak forests sprinkled with California bay, Pacific madrones, and bigleaf maples. Tucked between the hills, where it is cooler and wetter, you may find towering redwoods growing beside an understory of tanoaks and California bays. Weaving through the hills and valleys of this landscape are the riparian gallery forests filled with regal California sycamores, twisting California buckeyes, alders, and several types of willow.

Trees offer many ecological benefits that value human populations such as climate regulation, air purification, water filtration and fuel. They are also important habitat for wildlife. From decaying trees providing nutrients to decomposers to the shelter offered by fire-hollowed redwoods; our forests are teaming with life, sometimes you need to know where to look for it.

Photo: Bill Guion

Sudden Oak Death

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