Private land conservation is an increasingly significant means of conserving biodiversity, wherein a community of private landowners participate collectively in the protection of natural resources.  Integrating thoughtfully planned private land ownership with wildland conservation serves as a model to inspire, advance and inform conservation and sustainable development far beyond our boundaries.

Around the world, indigenous groups, nature enthusiasts, governments and communities practice natural resource conservation. The Preserve is among a network of large and small parcels worldwide, both terrestrial and marine, that are managed for the protection of natural spaces and conservation of biodiversity. The Conservancy and The Preserve contribute to the global conservation movement, and are committed to identifying the best practices for managing our lands.

As a private reserve, the Santa Lucia Preserve is maintained by a conservation community made up of landowners, scientists, managers and naturalists. Our impact is regionally significant. The Preserve is at the core of one of the ecological treasures of the world and is surrounded by public and private lands. The connection of these lands provide continuous habitat extensions into neighboring spaces, corridors for populations of wildlife, and critical foraging and nesting area for seasonal inhabitants. Our unique model integrates thoughtfully planned private land ownership with a land conservation strategy that utilizes cutting edge and innovative science to inform adaptive land management. Read about our partners here.

Through the Conservancy’s community engagement, land management and research efforts, The Preserve serves as a model and ‘living laboratory’. Lessons learned here can advance and inform conservation and sustainable development far beyond our boundaries.  At this pivotal moment in history, with the fate of perhaps a third of all global species in question, our work is as important now as it has ever been.

Conservation Community

The Santa Lucia Conservancy works proactively and cooperatively with landowners to ensure stewardship of The Preserve’s lands.  Find some of the ways The Preserve community and the Conservancy have allied to safeguard The Preserve’s beauty and ecological integrity. Learn more.

Landowner Partnerships 

The Conservancy collaborates with Landowners to proactively steward The Preserve’s diverse landscape. Learn more.

The Preserve Model

The Preserve model is a rare and thoughtful merging of residential homes and conservation of 20,000 acres of diverse and ecologically rich California ecosystems. Learn more.