Landowner Partnerships

Through conservation easements, the Conservancy and Landowners engage in partnership to manage roughly 8,000 acres of the Preserve. Not just a gated community, families choose the Preserve because of its rural, pristine environment and are stewards in managing the land. These 8,000 acres are called the Openlands; they surround the individual building envelopes but are left undisturbed to development. Within the Openlands land management techniques may be applied, such as conservation grazing or weed management. Some of the most sensitive and valuable resources are found in our Openlands and Conservancy staff will monitor and study areas, such as our ponds which support our endangered resident amphibian populations of California red-legged frog and California Tiger Salamander and our seasonal nesting Tricolored blackbirds. We have also deployed citizen science projects, like our Where the Wildlife Wander cameras, in the Openlands of participating homeowners capturing the intimate lives of our wild residents.

Our collaborative relationships with Landowners have lead to improved ecosystem health, increased understanding of our wildlife populations, and broad observation of the landscape. At 20,000 acres, the Preserve is larger than Manhattan and far less densely populated. Our conservation community is vigilant and dedicated to protecting the land and is the most important partnership for sustaining the beauty and environmental integrity of The Preserve.

Photo: Joe Fletcher

Building a Home on The Preserve

Homes on The Santa Lucia Preserve are subordinate to the landscape celebrating the natural beauty of the land… read more.

Photo: Lindsay Cope

Restoration Projects

Restoration of both Wildlands and Openlands is managed by the Santa Lucia Conservancy to preserve natural and aesthetic values… read more.

Photo: Rodrigo Sierra Corona

The Preserve Community

The Conservancy is an integral part of the Preserve design–we are here to keep it healthy and wild… read more.

The Conservancy

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