Living With Wildlife

Living With Wildlife

Alongside a thriving human community, the Santa Lucia Preserve is home to more than 300 wildlife species, including five species with federal and/or state protection. While some species live here full-time, others pass through during migration or use this protected wildlife corridor to travel between the ocean and the mountains. Wildlife sightings are common.

Preserve community members will become familiar with the howl and yip of the coyote, the evening calls of owls, and the screeches of hawks. As the seasons change, you will come to learn the life cycles of both our resident and transient wildlife. Conservancy staff are passionate about sharing their knowledge of wildlife and will help guide you as a fellow steward of this land in supporting their well-being. 

Wildlife-friendly Homes

Check out our recommendations for incorporating ecologically sensitive design elements into your home. 

Best Practices for Wildlife Encounters

Learn what to do if you find injured wildlife or encounter coyotes, black bears, or mountain lions while hiking the trails.