Santa Lucia Conservancy Educators

Santa Lucia Conservancy Educators

Julie Sigourney

My life passions are sharing my love of nature and outdoor activities with others, as well as raising and staying involved with four very active children.

I received a BS in “Plant Ecology and Environmental Policy” at UC Davis, and began 10 years of regional water quality planning in the Monterey area. I also was fortunate to work for the National Park Service as a naturalist and in backcountry research.

Following several years of full time parenting, I began my outdoor education work for the Santa Lucia Conservancy and have been doing so for 19 years. With my partner Kirsten, I am very proud to have created an extensive array of curriculum for a wide range of ages that meets science education standards and is specific to our beautiful location.  Every day is an adventure and I love inspiring our youth and their parents. I continue to learn all that I can about nature so I can share with others.

I also am passionate about numerous sports including hiking and skiing and have coached swimming, water polo and diving. My active children include a winter Olympics medalist.

I love all native plants and animals and watching the change of seasons on the Preserve.

Kirsten Stember

I am passionate about outdoor environmental education and connecting people of all ages to nature. I grew up on the beautiful Monterey Peninsula riding horses, climbing mountains and exploring the sea.  I love being outside.

I attended UC Santa Barbara and UC Santa Cruz where I studied literature, environmental science, and biology. I received a BA in Literature, and a Life Science Waiver Program Certificate for teaching Secondary Education from UC Santa Cruz.  I earned an Adult Education Teaching Credential in Life Science; General Science; Elementary and Secondary Basic Skills; English as a Second Language; and Parent Education from Chapman University.

My career leading guided tours began when I bought my first horse during my junior year of college and worked to support him leading horseback tours with him for The Pebble Beach equestrian Center. After I graduated, I taught in a private school while I earned my teaching credential. I then embarked on the greatest journey of my life as a I became a parent. I worked part-time leading interpretive walks for schools at Point Lobos State Reserve.  I met Julie in 1999, and we began our journey creating the outdoor environmental education program for The Santa Lucia Conservancy.  The program has evolved over the last 22 years in response to the unique landscape that comprises the 20,000 acre Santa Lucia Preserve, the educational interests of the students and teachers, and the support of the parents.  It has been molded by California State Standards, with the intent of inspiring wonder and curiosity through hands-on experiential immersion in nature.

Over the years I have led interpretive nature programs for the Monterey Regional Park District, The Big Sur Charter School, MEarth, private educational companies on State Park Lands, and interpretive ocean kayak tours on the Monterey Bay. I have also taught parent education classes for Parents’ Place. I have raised three wonderful children who are outdoor enthusiasts. I enjoy spending time with my family, riding my horses, hiking, ocean kayaking, gardening, and cooking.