Openlands Habitat Projects

By design, approximately 8,000 acres of The Preserve are protected for their scenic and environmental qualities as Openlands under conservation easement with the Conservancy. Preserving these areas, as is, helps maintain the connectivity of the wild qualities we enjoy on The Preserve allowing for people and nature to co-exist in harmony, reduce habitat fragmentation, and perpetuate the natural beauty of the landscape. In doing so, we enhance opportunities for wildlife viewing and retain unencumbered views of this iconic landscape. Sensitive resources including special status species, rare wildlife habitat, riparian and wetland habitat, sensitive habitat, and cultural areas are protected in Openlands.

Openlands are managed in partnership between Landowners and the Conservancy to preserve native habitat, encourage privacy, and enhance security from wildfire. Healthy Openlands are part of every landowners’ legacy and there are many opportunities to participate in research, restoration, and land management on Openlands. Sustaining protected values is the priority with these activities and may include site-specific fuel management plans, habitat restoration, invasive weed control and research in collaboration with the Conservancy. Research opportunities include conservation cattle grazing, owl boxes, wildlife cameras, tricolored blackbird monitoring, poison free pest management, and pond monitoring for frogs and salamanders.