What We Do

What We Do

The Conservancy stewards The Preserve’s 18,000 acres of protected natural lands.  We work cooperatively with Landowners to forward the vision of a beautiful place where human and wildlife communities thrive. Explore what our work looks like on the ground.


The Preserve’s founders had an ambitious goal: create an innovative model for how people and nature might thrive together in a changing world. They chose to  weave  natural and human communities together in a way that would nurture an abiding sense of stewardship in current and future generations.  Read more here.


Over 18,000 acres of Preserve lands are managed to reduce the threats of of exotic plants and animals, climate impacts, loss of keystone species, such as pollinators, and pathogens, such as Sudden Oak Death. To counteract these threats, sustained hands-on habitat management and restoration is essential and the Conservancy’s small, dedicated staff are out on the land every day.  Learn more here. 


The Conservancy’s design, which seeks to balance private homes and wildland conservation, serves as a model to inspire, advance and inform conservation and sustainable development both within and far beyond our boundaries. Learn more here.