Survey informs update of Strategic Plan

Survey informs update of Strategic Plan

September 26, 2023

Beautiful surroundings, a natural setting, community, and sustainability ranked as the most prized values of life on the Preserve, according to a survey conducted this summer.

Those surveyed ranked wildfire mitigation and management as their highest environmental concern (71.6% identified this as important or extremely important), and a significant number expressed strong interest in participating in land stewardship.

The survey, conducted via email by the Conservancy, was initiated to inform the development of a new three-year Strategic Plan. The results provided guidance to a working committee including current and former board members Jim Andrasick, Scott Hennessey, Michael Sutton, and Rick Werner, along with Executive Director Jamison Watts.

Of roughly 50 responses submitted online by landowners and members of the golf and ranch clubs, about half were anonymous; those who volunteered contact information received follow-up phone interviews for additional detail.

While respondents appreciate many aspects of life at the Preserve, it is clear that preservation and conservation (58.8%) are pre-eminent values. Landowners and members treasure the natural beauty of the land (68.6%) and opportunities to view wildlife (64.7%). They enjoy gathering in a like-minded community and find respite and inspiration in their surroundings.

Respondents offered strong support for the mission of the Conservancy as it safeguards the natural, cultural, and aesthetic resources here (64.7%), monitoring the health of the Preserve (53%), and promoting environmental education for all ages (52.9%). They value cooperative relationships among Preserve entities, including the Conservancy (58.8%), and expressed a desire to be engaged in active stewardship of the lands (47.1%).

Staff and board members listen to a presentation by consultant Will Murray.
Conservancy staff and board members met in early September to review the proposed Strategic Plan.

With these results in hand, the Strategic Planning Committee is drafting a three-year plan blending the mission of the Conservancy with legal responsibilities and emerging realities. The draft document, which is expected to be adopted by the Conservancy board in November, positions the Conservancy as a service organization with a mission to lead in conservation and adaptive land management. It emphasizes accountability and visionary purpose.

Values, partnerships, and vision will guide the Conservancy’s future and help it to fulfill its purpose as a steward and model of ecologically sustainable development. 

For additional information, please contact Executive Director Jamison Watts at [email protected].

Top photo by Adam White.