The Preserve Model

The Preserve Model

The Preserve is an experimental, living conservation project, designed to incorporate both residential homes and The Preserve’s abundant wildlife, aesthetic and environmental value. Scientists, natural resource management professionals, and Landowners collaborate to caretake the exceptional ecological value and beauty of The Preserve’s 20,000 acres – 18,000 of which will remain undeveloped in perpetuity.

Our Lands

By design, The Preserve was built to be a community set in a coveted natural landscape of Central California, in which no element of the built environment diverts attention from the natural scenic value of the land.  Understand our unique land designations here.

Our Protected Values

The Santa Lucia Conservancy’s conservation serves The Preserve’s “Protected Values”, which include “Natural, Scenic, Ecological, Cultural, Open Space, Agricultural, Scientific and Aesthetic” values.  Read more about our protected values here.

Natural Communities

Explore The Preserve’s exceptional variety of plants and animals here.