Mission. Vision. Values.

Board and Staff 2022. Back row from left: Lorraine Yglesias, Shane Stillinger, Dr. Brian Woodward, Izaac Tompkins, Scott Hennessey, Jamison Watts, Tom Gray, Jackson Brooke, Rick Werner, Scot Smythe, Jim Andrasick, Rick Frank, Kathy Siegel, Paul Kranhold; front row: Alix Soliman, Keesha Stroman, Jenna Allred, Andrew Evans, Andrew Nguyen, Claudio Nunez, Dr. Sabine Cudney, Dr. Rodrigo Sierra Corona, Cheryl Thiele, Katherine Nolan. 


The mission of the Santa Lucia Conservancy is to protect and steward in perpetuity the unique natural, cultural, and aesthetic resources of The Preserve, and promote residential communities that are ecologically sensitive.


We envision a place of enduring wild beauty and resilient biodiversity, actively cared for and protected by a thriving community of people for the benefit of all.

Protected Values

The Santa Lucia Conservancy’s conservation easements support The Preserve’s incredible value. The easements preserve “Protected Values” of importance to the public trust, which include “Natural, Scenic, Ecological, Cultural, Open Space, Agricultural, Scientific and Aesthetic” values.