Mission, Vision, and Values


The Santa Lucia Conservancy is dedicated to the stewardship of the unique natural resources of the Santa Lucia Preserve and to promoting human settlements that are ecologically sensitive. It is our goal to advance understanding of the interfaces between human residences and natural environments to benefit our community and society at large. Using the vast natural laboratory of our 20,000 acre Preserve, we work collaboratively on resource management, education and research to support and test this model of environmentally compatible human settlement.


We envision a place of enduring wild beauty and resilient biodiversity, actively cared for and protected by a thriving community of people for the benefit of all.


Integrity and Transparency: The Santa Lucia Conservancy is committed to a culture based on integrity and transparency in pursuit of our mission.

Credibility and Independence: The Santa Lucia Conservancy will conduct its day-to-day business based on the best available information, strategic planning and best management practices, reflected in our governance policies, practices and composition of the Board of Governors.

Strategic Partnerships: The Santa Lucia Conservancy is committed to creating and maintaining effective partnerships with Santa Lucia Preserve landowners, regional neighbors, government and private entities and academic institutions whose missions intersect with our own.

Sound Science: The Santa Lucia Conservancy is committed to incorporating sound scientific principles and best practices in the development and implementation of our land management and educational programs.


The Conservancy plays an essential role in delivering on the promise of Santa Lucia Preserve design.  Science-based and forward-thinking, our charge is to facilitate the realization of the Preserve’s full potential:  a place of enduring wild beauty and resilient biodiversity, actively cared for and protected by a thriving community of people who treasure it.


Simply protecting the land through goodwill and thoughtful restrictions is not enough to keep it healthy. The private protected lands model of the Preserve provides an exceptional opportunity for field study.


Our model for private land management practices is enhanced by The Conservancy’s standards not only in managing the footprint of human settlement, but also in preparation for natural disturbance.

Conservation Grazing

The Santa Lucia Conservancy’s cattle help manage the rugged terrain of the Santa Lucia Preserve to restore grasslands, improve breeding habitat of our ponds for amphibian and bird populations, and manage invasive weeds. Replicating the Tule Elk herds of centuries past, the cattle graze and trample the land to facilitate flourishing native grasses.

Living with Wildlife

The Preserve community loves wildlife, but what happens when the rare conflict arises?

Sharing the Model

The Preserve is a 20,000 acre conservation community, of which 95% of the land is protected. Through easements, thoughtful design and regular monitoring, The Preserve weaves the community into the landscape and blurs the lines between wild and settled lands. This model of development is a grand experiment and the Conservancy is running studies that test how well the model is working.