Creating The Preserve


Every acre of The Preserve was surveyed for natural and historical resources. Hundreds of experts, from ecologists to engineers to archaeologists, documented the uniqueness and richness of the land. Management of the ecological value was bestowed to the Conservancy along with an endowment furnished through the original sales of the residential parcels. The Preserve was established not just as a luxury estate community, it was established as a privately protected area. As such, The Preserve is a treasure reserved for residents and members who support the conservation commitment of the community. Each landowner has a made the promise to protect their land as natural open space through conservation easements held with the Conservancy as a land trust.

Every curve of the road and building envelope were carefully planned to celebrate the sublimity of The Preserve inspiring awe with magnificent views, abundant wildlife, and a transcendent timelessness that strikes you when you drive through the gates.

To learn more about The Preserve’s pioneering vision, download the full Preserve Plan here.

Download The Preserve Plan

Learn more about the pioneering vision of the Santa Lucia Preserve