Field Guides

Field Guides

Printed Field Guides

]The Conservancy’s Santa Lucia Preserve Trails Weed Field Guide is a color-coded,  visual guide to help community members identify invasive plant species on The Preserve. It also provides treatment information. Members who would like a copy are welcome to contact the Conservancy, or stop by the office to pick up a copy.

Monterey County Wildflowers — a Field Guide


Wildflowers of the Santa Lucia Preserve

Also written by Rob M. Yeager MD, Wildflowers of the Santa Lucia Preserve is even more specific to The Preserve. It includes a photographic portfolio of almost 400 species of wildflowers that live on The Preserve. Find it here.

Digital Field Guides

Install the iNaturalist app on your phone or tablet to view field guides of the Santa Lucia Preserve. Using the links below, you can download the Santa Lucia Preserve field guides to use them offline on the trail!

Instructions for downloading the iNaturalist app

1. Open app store

2. Search for: iNaturalist

3. Select the iNaturalist app and download

4. Open the app, click the “more” icon in the bottom right of the screen

5. Choose “Guides” from the list

6. Select “All” on the bottom left of the screen, and use the search bar to type “Santa Lucia Preserve”

7. There are two Preserve field guides, one for plants and one for wildlife. To download these guides to your phone and enable offline viewing, click the icon on the top right and choose “Download for offline use.” Once downloaded, you can use the field guides in the iNaturalist app to identify flora and fauna in the field when you are out of service range.