Where the Wildlife Wander

In 2014 the Conservancy and The Preserve community launched an ambitious multi-year Citizen Science program called Where the Wildlife Wander. The objectives of the project are use wildlife trail cameras to document and compare species richness between the Wildlands (permanently protected lands) and the Homelands (human footprint of buildings, landscaping and activity). The paired camera design of the study will allow us to test the Conservation Development Model of The Preserve increasing our understanding of how the model is working and what lessons we can share.

The project has also allowed us a window into the secretive lives of our wildlife residents demonstrating tender moments and unfettered behaviors. We are in the process of analyzing the data for species richness, habitat suitability models, phenology, and distribution trends across The Preserve.

Sudden Oak Death

Oak trees around California are vulnerable to the exotic pathogen Phytophthora ramorum. Find out how the Santa Lucia Conservancy is working to save our forests.