Santa Lucia Preserve Maps

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Santa Lucia Preserve Design

This map shows the composition of Preserve Lands and Settled Lands.

Santa Lucia Preserve Neighbors

Surrounding protected and private lands support wildlife populations whose territories defy human constructed properties. This enhances the natural qualities protected by the Preserve and supports habitat connectivity for our wild residents.

Santa Lucia Preserve Habitat Types

The natural diversity of the land inspires awe as one traverses the scenic mosaic landscape.

Santa Lucia Preserve Watersheds

The tributaries of The Preserve that feed into the Carmel River are important spawning habitat for endangered Steelhead Trout. Learn about our watersheds with this map.

Santa Lucia Preserve Topography

How rugged is the landscape? Check out our topography map.

Santa Lucia Preserve Trail Map

The trails of The Preserve make the furthest reaches of our Wildlands accessible to the community. Make sure you keep your dogs on-leash as you explore ridgelines, redwood groves, oak woodlands, grasslands, and chaparral.

Find new things to discover!

Our iNaturalist hosted field guides help you identify flora and fauna of the Santa Lucia Preserve