Field Notes: Reflections on Grassland Restoration

Mary Snook hand pulls weeds in the Enchanted Forest in July. Photo by Alix Soliman. August 24, 2021 Mary Snook, 2021 Field Crew Member  In April, we took a trip to Penon peak. We walked in a line to hear the results of the most recent plant surveys, and to learn about some of the successes we had seen so [...]

Grasslands, Explained: For the Love of California’s Grasslands

What is it about those grasslands? Over the last six years I’m sure you have heard the Conservancy talk about how important our grasslands are at least a time or two, or a few dozen more. But you may still be wondering why exactly grasslands are so important. Especially when compared to the visually complex and biodiverse oak woodlands, coastal [...]