Try one of these great images for your virtual zoom background

Let Spring Shine Through

With a radiant green slope filled with the purple flush of lupines, bring some cheer into your next zoom call. Download this lovely image captured by Rodrigo Sierra Corona here.

Add a little fun next time you get the covey together

Groups of quail are called a covey. Use this classic Conservancy image as your zoom background next time you get together with friends. The rolling green hills and smart top-knot of the quail will provide a pleasant background for everyone to enjoy. Download the image here.

Celebrate our conservation work

Show your friends, family and colleagues some of the protected species you help protect on The Preserve. Dr. Christy caught this image of a Smith’s blue butterfly pair. These tiny butterflies have few populations left and are a protected status species. Try to spot some on the buckwheat next time you hike to the top of Penon Peak. But tread lightly, they are a very fragile species. Download this image here.