November 2022 Newsletter

November 2022 Newsletter

CSUMB UROC intern Mario Coronado Cartmell plants valley oak acorns with Dr. Sabine Cudney and Dr. Brian Woodward. Photo by Alix Soliman.

December 1, 2022

By Jamison Watts, Executive Director

In this season of reflection and giving thanks, I would like to express my utmost gratitude for your support and partnership in furthering the Conservancy’s mission of stewarding and protecting the unique natural, cultural, and aesthetic resources of The Preserve and promoting environmentally sustainable communities. We count ourselves extremely fortunate to have such an active and engaged community at the core of our magnificent region.

The Preserve is and will remain an exquisitely beautiful place teeming with biodiversity thanks to our partnerships with The Preserve community, the wider Monterey County community, universities and research institutions, neighboring land managers, local agencies, and grantors.

A primary component of our charter, the Conservancy works collaboratively to establish and maintain ecosystem resilience – an ecosystem’s ability to recover from disturbance (such as wildfire, drought, flooding, or disease), resisting long-term damage that would otherwise throw the ecosystem out of equilibrium. Managing for resilience means predicting change on the land and adapting management practices accordingly to maintain biodiversity and ecological integrity. Through sustainable development, scientific research, targeted disturbance, and perennial monitoring, we are taking steps every day to make our bioregion more resilient to a changing world.

Thank you for all you do to support this important work.


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